Nurse IT

Alvita Nurse IT packs are comprehensive sterile dressing packs for use when dressing wounds, including a wide variety of items suitable to all sorts of medical needs. Each pack includes 7 non-woven swabs; 2 laminated paper sterile ...fields; a compartment tray; disposable forceps; a large apron; a paper measuring tape; a paper towel; a disposable polythene bag; and a pair of powder-free nitrile gloves that come folded to help maintain aseptic conditions when donning. The two Nurse IT packs are available with small/medium and medium/large powder-free nitrile gloves as per the user’s requirement.

Product Benefits
Key Features
Product Benefits
  • Complies to Drug Tariff specifications
  • Comprehensive sterile dressing packs with a variety of components
  • Two powder-free nitrile glove sizes available as per user requirement
  • Nitrile gloves come pre-folded to help maintain aseptic conditions when donning
Key Features
  • Complies to Drug Tariff specifications.
  • Comprehensive sterile dressing packs
  • Two powder-free nitrile glove sizes available
  • Folded nitrile gloves maintain aseptic conditions

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