Contention Bandage

The Alvita Contention Bandage is used in the treatment of traumas, bruises, muscle tears, sprains, ligament hyperlaxity, musculo-tendinous trauma, phlebological conditions (including varicose veins and ulcers) and hypodermitis, such... as thrombo-embolic disease. It features one-way stretchable tape that adheres without sticking to skin or dressings and is adjustable at any time. The bandage is available in two sizes appropriate to the condition, and two colours. This product complies with the French LPP specifications, and is reimbursable at the LPP rate.

Product Benefits
Key Features
Product Benefits
  • Versatile bandage suitable for use in treatment of a variety of conditions
  • Adjustable fastening ensures comfortable fit
  • Available in two colours for choice
Key Features
  • Versatile bandage
  • Adjustable
  • Available in two colours

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