Ambidextrous Wrist Hand Support

The Alvita Ambidextrous Wrist Hand Support is designed to support the wrist in instances of contusions, tendonitis, benign sprains of the wrist, and rheumatic fevers. The support features three adjustable, removable straps and an 80...% interior cotton lining for user comfort. The device incorporates a flexible aluminium splints which can be removed and positioned depending on which wrist requires support. The product is also washable for hygienic long-term use. It is recognised as a Class I medical device according to the European Commission Directive 93/42/EEC. This product complies with the French LPP specifications, and is reimbursable at the LPP rate.

Product Benefits
Key Features
Product Benefits
  • Class I medical device according to European Commission Directive (93/42/EEC), ensuring user confidence
  • Flexible aluminium splints which can be positioned for use on either thumb to give maximum support and comfort
  • Adaptable straps allow wearer to find ideal fit for maximum support and comfort
  • 80% interior cotton lining for user comfort
  • Washable for hygienic long-term use
Key Features
  • Class 1 medical device, recognised by European Commission
  • Flexible aluminium splint
  • Adaptable straps
  • 80% interior cotton lining
  • Washable

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