Digital Thermometer

The Alvita digital thermometer provides a quick and accurate reading of body temperature in both degrees celsius (℃) and degrees fahrenheit (℉). The device measures temperature in the range of 32.0-42.9℃ (90.0-109.9℉) and displays t...he result on a large, easy-to-read digital screen. The thermometer can be used orally, rectally or under the armpit, and is suitable for use with children, bringing peace of mind when conditions including colds or fevers are suspected. The product contains no glass or mercury, ensuring it can be used with confidence in its safety, while an included long-life battery means the device can be used conveniently long-term. If left unused, the thermometer will shut down automatically, saving the battery and extending its life further. A storage case is included for protection and portability when the device is not in use.

Product Benefits
Key Features
Product leaflet
Product Benefits
  • Provides fast and accurate body temperature reading.
  • Large screen for fast and easy reading of results
  • Automatic shut-off function preserves battery life
  • Product compliant with Electromagnetic Compatibility international standards 
  • No glass or mercury enhances safety
  • Long-life replaceable battery for user convenience 
Key Features
  • Provides accurate temperature readings
  • Large screen
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Compliant with EMC international standards
  • No glass or mercury
  • Long-life replaceable battery
Product leaflet

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