Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizing Gel

Alvita Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizing gel provides rapid antimicrobial kill of a broad spectrum of microorganisms including antibiotic-resistant strains eg: MRSA & VRE, with greater than 99% microbial kill in 15 seconds. The sani...tizer should be applied to completely cover both hands. Rub hands together, palms, back of each palm, over and under fingernails and between the fingers. Keep rubbing hands together until they are dry.

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Product Benefits
Key Features
Product Benefits

70% w/w Ethanol which kills a broad spectrum of microorganisms

Handy pocket-sized bottle for when travelling

Key Features

70% w/w Ethanol

Antimicrobial kill of a broad spectrum of microorganisms in 15 seconds

Handy pocket-sized bottle

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