Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Alvita’s blood pressure arm monitor enables patients to take accurate blood pressure readings at their convenience in their own homes. The device has undergone a series of tests to ensure it provides accurate results which meet th...e standards of the British Hypertension Society and European Society of Hypertension, meaning users can be confident in the accuracy of their results as they monitor their health independently. The monitor includes comfort inflation technology for user comfort. It also includes movement detection technology, warning where excess movement during a measurement could affect the accuracy of the reading, and an irregular heartbeat detector for added peace of mind, or to alert the user early to any potentially serious problems.

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Product Benefits
Key Features
Product leaflet
Product Benefits
  • Monitor conforms to BHS and ESH standards, enabling buyer confidence
  • Comfort inflation technology means users can monitor their health comfortably
  • Movement detector warns where accuracy of readings may be affected
  • Irregular heartbeat detector provides clear warning of potential heart issues
  • Large memory allows for storage of 90 readings and enables blood pressure monitoring over time
Key Features
  • Conforms to BHS and ESH standards
  • Comfort inflation technology
  • Irregular heartbeat detector
  • Movement detector
  • 90-reading memory capacity
  • Ideal for home use
Product leaflet

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